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The Tribal Basotho blankets are interwoven with history are versatile,  luxurious at home, found  in a royal ceremony or in the  great outdoors as simple picnic blanket adventure or sleeping bag as travel custodian.

Proudly produced in South Africa and steeped in tribal custom The African design is bright, warm and  carries a language in patterning, symbols and stories through time.  The jaquard woven heirloom blankets are made from the finest quality, their content  being  90%  virgin or the first shear of a lambswool warp  and 10% cotton weft  makes them soft but firm to the touch and  a truly sustainable natural product that will last you a lifetime.

The products are ethical as a royalty is paid to the people of the Basotho Nation. These blankets date back to the 1800s and have therefore stood the test of time. They are an integral part of everyday tribal tradition and are gifted to a person at important stages of their life. i.e. when born, married, on initiation and even death.. 

The origin of the Basotho blanket dates back to the 1860s when a European manufacturer presented one to King Moshoeshoe I (c.1786 –1870), founder of the Basotho Kingdom of Lesotho. The royal family started their own range and made sure the blanket designs have been developed over many years, its now made in South Africa to continue the legacy. 

A heirloom blanket can be passed down from generation to generation making it being something you sleep and use always but something special many people can enjoy that  last your forever. Enjoy the warmth, soaking in the vibrant colours endowed with unique story of your Basotho Tribal blanket that is natural and safe to snuggle up to.

Weaving cultures & people. Below the beloved Madiba in Crown of Feathers blanket in Lesotho.

The Range:

These beautiful, now  South African-produced blankets come in all sorts of different designs and get worn by the Basotho people all year around. Certain designs are only produced at specific times of year to coincide with the traditional tribal seasonsThe ranges vary according to Tribal Seasons, in April, September and December and vary in colour waves each year so you can be sure you blanket is unique to the calendar...The H.M.S. and Seana Marena is produced in April & November each year, the contemporary ranges Kharetsa, "Motlatsi"  in June and all other traditional blankets vary according to season, or significant events in Lesotho like the birth of a Royal member, clan competition, national day  and are limited items.

Please select your item with care and go ahead to  order your special piece that will last your forever.  

♥ From Lesotho with Love ♥